I began my career in Chicago, where I studied theater at Columbia College and improv at Second City.

I worked in corporate America for almost 20 years, including a stint in radio promotions, before finally making the leap to voice acting.  It was in radio, while working at WJMK Oldies 104.3, that I experienced my first taste of doing voiceover work when, on a couple of occasions, one of our production guys would use my voice to record little snippets for the station’s promos.

Growing up, I was always involved in the performing arts in some form or fashion, and fantasized about being a Solid Gold dancer, Casey Kasem, and a member of The Go-Go’s.

One of my most favorite things to do was to record little commercials, songs, and voice impressions on the family’s portable Sony radio cassette player and recorder.  When I wasn’t doing that, I’d be choreographing little dances to the latest Irene Cara, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers or Rick Springfield tune.  I was in absolute heaven.

Many years later, after moving to Los Angeles, I worked as a background actor on shows like Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Blackish, How to Get Away with Murder, Masters of Sex, The Mindy Project, Bones, a couple of Lifetime Movies, and lots more.  Blink and you might miss me!  

While in L.A. I also enjoyed working at Highland Hall Waldorf School, where I can proudly and unabashedly say that I actually performed for Stephen Stills one year, during final assembly, as part of an all staff musical performance.  #humblebrag

As the daughter of Croatian immigrants, I have a strong facility with Eastern European accents, which I can’t wait to use to play a Cold War assassin in an audiobook or video game.

When I’m not in the booth, I’m likely feeding my addictions to true crime shows and vegan cupcakes, reading biographies & non-fiction, or debating with my honey which Netflix documentary to watch next.

Unofficial, Silly Bio:


Young Suzy was always naturally drawn to the performing arts, whether writing and staging plays with the neighborhood kids, producing her own “radio” show at nine years old, or disrupting the entire tri-state area with her extremely high decibel near-renditions of Top Forty 80’s hits from the likes of Rick Springfield, The Pointer Sisters, Kenny Rogers, Juice Newton, Deniece Williams, Shalamar, Sergio Mendes, Kajagoogoo, and whoever it was who recorded The Three Stooges homage, which reached #15 on the Billboard charts, “The Curly Shuffle”.

She would also type up screen adaptations of her favorite books and painstakingly transcribe and then reenact episodes of The Facts of Life with the help of friends she would intimidate and threaten…er…recruit.

This insufferable behavior eventually reached the point where she became much like Yoko Ono during the White Album sessions – preferred not to be seen or heard.  Consequently, she spent most of her adolescence alone in her room doing much of the same.

In the midst of all this she also considered becoming a paleontologist.  And a nun.  Because children are fickle and inconsistent.