What is Voiceover Narration and Why Should You Hire a Professional?

When it comes to certain things in our life, like buying a house or going to the doctor, we know that using a professional is the only option. Why? Because a shortcoming in real estate dealings and your personal health can be physically and financially catastrophic.  Well, that kind of mentality and importance translates over into unsuspecting industries, most notably that of voiceover.

When it comes to a video, explainer video, educational course, and other kinds of recorded content, the audio – also known as the very informational substance of the video – can make or break its impact.

We’re going to first look at what voiceover narration is, and then why a professional is the only option for you moving forward.

What is Voiceover Narration?

Voiceover is a production technique where a voice is used in radio, television, filmmaking, theatre, videos, or presentations to explain something to the audience.  It can also be used for live events, like award presentations and so forth.  A professional voiceover actor will have the ability to adapt to any piece of media or content that needs the narration, offering direction and suggestions to bring the whole thing together.  Generally recorded as the last stage in the creation of the media, voiceover narration brings in authenticity, clarity, and versatility to the already filmed and edited clip.

Why Hire a Professional?

Not just anyone is trained in the art of voiceover narration or has the equipment to get it just right.  When you hire someone floating around the Internet, the recording could be fuzzy, they could lack the experience to adapt to the tone of the media, and they may not always be available or have a quick turnaround when you need them.

Here are just a few reasons why you should only consider a professional:

  • Experience: Professionals come with years, if not decades, of experience, which means they are going to adapt to your project quickly and seamlessly, while also offering up tips and suggestions you might not otherwise know.
  • Professional Versatility: These voiceover narration artists can adapt to different scripts, tones, and more, in little time, to perfectly fit into your vision and finalized media.
  • Recording Equipment: Voiceover artists come with professional recording studio production quality, so you can rest assured the audio is clear, crisp, and without any fuzziness or background noise.  The slightest of noise can ruin the entire clip.
  • Commitment: Voiceover narration artists take their jobs seriously, which means they are willing to work with you to arrive at a finished product. It’s just as important to them as it is to you.

If you’re tasked with hiring a professional voiceover artist this year for narration purposes, please consider the long-term value of using a professional: the media will be higher quality, more convincing, and therefore more popular in online shares, SEO, and so forth.  It all starts with selecting a professional!





How Do I Find the Right Voice Talent for My Project?

Voiceover talent can make or break your edited video, either supplying the mood, sound, and aesthetic that you want, or completely deviating from the vision you had in mind. With so many elements that go into a video or animated production, it can be incredibly overwhelming to consider what’s needed for the voiceover artist.

However, finding the right voice for your project doesn’t have to be extensively difficult. Here are our recommended steps for ensuring your project turns out top notch:

  1. Know Who’s Listening: Before you do anything, why are you making this video? Who will be watching it or listening to it? What do you want the viewer or listener to do once they are done consuming the content? These are all questions you want to ask yourself before you set out to select voiceover artists that are right for your project. Take your time to really identify what it is you want to hear when the project is all said and done.
  2. Review the Demos: You can have fun shopping for the right voice. All professional voiceover artists will come with demo recordings that provide you with a very clear understanding of what you can expect working with them. Now that you know your audience, take time to mull over these demos while envisioning yourself as one of the audience members.
  3. Request Auditions: Demos are a great starter for vetting the talent, but now you want real-time proof that they are right for you. Request live auditions and raw recordings of the voiceover talent so you can really listen to the authenticity of their voice. A lot can be hidden by an excellently edited demo clip.
  4. Real-Time Support: Now that you have your talent selected, it’s up to you if you want to be involved with every decision or not. Through phone patching, you can actually collaborate with the voiceover artist in real-time to minimize the amount of editing and retakes that need to happen. If you know you’re going to be very particular about your audio, it’s recommended to be proactive from the get-go.
  5. Record First, Then Edit: It might seem backwards to record your voiceover audio before making the actual video, but in the end, it’s actually the easiest way to ensure timing, editing, and overall mood are in-line. With the audio at your fingertips, you can build around it, ensuring you won’t need to totally scrap the project in the future and try again.

Finding the Right Voice

Overall, only you know the final vision for your project in front of you. Are you going for sad, scary, emotional, happy, or informational? Do you want it to be a short or long audio clip? What are you hoping to instill in your listeners? From these answers, take your time to really listen to the demos and live auditions, so you can decide on a male or female voiceover artist that is perfect for you.





The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Explainer Videos

In 2017, 69% of all online traffic consisted of video content. Of that content, a significant portion was explainer videos, also known as the informational videos that explain a product or service to the viewer. Consumed more rapidly and successfully than an explainer article or infographic, the prevalence and effectiveness of explainer videos is hard to ignore today. As the culmination of spectacle, professional voiceover, graphic design, and video creativity, explainer videos are quick and engaging, pulling in viewers much more effectively than a plainly written blog.

If you’re considering an explainer video for your brand this year, here are a few tips for crafting the perfect cinematic expression:

  1. Do Your Homework: Before you sit down to make your video, check out the competition. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, and that applies to explainer videos, too. Make a list of your favorites, and watch them a few times. Write down what they each have in common. Observe elements like the topics covered, lighting, angles, graphics, and voiceovers.
  2. Brevity is Better: The shorter the explainer video, the more successful it will be. People have short attention spans today. If an explainer video is more than 2-minutes long, you can bet on the viewer closing out of the tab and moving onto their next interest. If it helps, the typical rule of thumb in the industry is 150 words per minute. Try and describe the product or service in concise language.
  3. Simplicity: When it’s time to write the script, keep it simple. As someone close to your product or service, you could talk all day about it. However, keep it simple. What are its defining features? How will it help the viewer? Touch on the problem, the solution, how it works, and a call to action in the least amount of words as possible. It’s a simplistic approach that can be applied to even the most complex of topics.
  4. Professional VoiceoverNothing can destroy a video quicker than amateur voiceover talent dubbed on top of the video you worked hard to produce. We’ve all heard the crackly, cringe-worthy quality audio of the world; don’t let that be your video. Consider professional voiceovers that not only complement your video, but also enhance it.
  5. Keep it Fun: Ultimately, when we’re online, we’re sifting around to waste time or unwind. Being hit with a very serious and intense video isn’t something we’re going to mull over. Instead, try and keep it light and fun, touching on the important topics in a more joyful light. Watching your video shouldn’t feel like a chore.

For getting started, don’t forget to check out explainer video sites, like Vyond (previously GoAnimate) and Powtoon, already equipped with the materials and information you need to create a stellar explainer video today.

Lastly, consider the value of professional services when it comes to your explainer video. As the #1 most consumed form of content available on your business, you want to hit it out of the park. Professional voiceover artists, designers, writers, and so forth will help you make it a reality.





The Benefits of Hiring Professional Voiceover Talent vs. Doing It Yourself

When it comes to running a business, it can be easy to get swept up in the “do-it-yourself” mentality to cut corners and save money. Many times, business owners lump voiceover work into that category, attempting to do it themselves, calling in co-workers, or asking family members if they’ll step up as the on-call voiceover freelancer. However, the audio accompaniment to your business videos – which are becoming more important than ever before – can make or break your market and advertising campaign.

91% of consumers in 2017 said they watched at least one video to learn about a product or service.

Here are some of the major reasons why you want to consider a male or female professional voiceover artist for your business this year:

  1. Customized Support: Yes, there are some massive voiceover casting sites out there like Voices.com, VoiceBunny and Voice Archive; but, by working with a professional voiceover talent one-on-one, you’ll receive customized support that is tailored to you and your business. You won’t be just another cog in the wheel – instead, these professional artists will work with you, side by side, providing the VIP experience to get your video just right.
  2. Speed: When you try and go through a massive agency, you can kiss your deadlines goodbye. These platforms have to sift through thousands of requests, taking weeks to finalize your project. With a professional voiceover artist, you can adhere to any kind of timeline, receiving your audio at a much quicker pace than any other voiceover supplier.
  3. Experience: If you’re thinking of “doing-it-yourself,” just know that a typical professional voiceover artist works with:
      • Their own professional studio
      • Trained experience in audio quality recording
      • Intonation analysis
      • Multiple takes to get it just right
      • Editing/prepping of the final output
      • File conversion based on your needs

And it doesn’t just end there. These people have made their careers out of voiceover acting, which isn’t exactly something you can just pick up and master in less than an hour.

  1. Peace of Mind: When you’re pressed to meet a deadline or get a video together for a marketing campaign, it can be stressful. If you’re sifting through thousands of poor auditions or casting sites that up-charge services with lofty fees, it can add to the stress. That’s why going directly to the voiceover talent source is the right move for getting the project done affordably, quickly, and efficiently.

If you’re considering working with a professional voiceover freelancer, know that this kind of audio support to your videos can improve SEO, increase conversion rates, decrease bounce rates, and improve click-through rates on your website. The world revolves around video, with more consumers preferring to watch a video than read an article today. Audio is a massively important part of that video, which is why it’s worth the investment moving forward. Consider working with a professional voiceover artist that only provides customized services to clients.

Contact me for a quote or to request a custom audition today.