Voice Over Rates

“Whenever I try to explain the value of my work as a voice-over pro to a potential client, I often use the metaphor of a photographer.  Since everyone carries a camera (disguised as a phone), and we all take snapshots, most people can relate to that:

Imagine it’s your wedding day.  One of the best and most important days of your life.  Who is going to take the pictures you will one day share with your grandchildren?  Uncle Arthur with his silly smart phone?  Cousin Fred with his point-and-shoot, and unsteady hand?  Or will you look for the cheapest hack on Craigslist?  You’ll save a lot of money, and you will regret it every single day.”

– Paul Strikwerda


There are many factors that go into determining voice over rates: the medium (radio, television, internet), the market (local, national, international), the length, nature and the use of the audio.

Below you will find general base rates for my voice over services, although actual rates my vary.  These rates include 24 hour delivery or less, in most cases, and one round of revisions.  I understand that occasionally you will have a budget you need to work with.  Please see below for more details.

All job requests will be provided with an accurate quote once the specific project details are confirmed.

Services Included:

* Professionalism and experience from a full-time, female voice talent.
* Projects delivered fast and on-time.  In most cases 24 hours or less.
* A high quality, noise-free recording.
* Studio fee, quality control, editing.
* A round of revisions to modify a read to your satisfaction (not including script changes, which would be considered a new project and billed as such).
* Files in WAV, MP3 or AIFF format.
* Skype session, if requested

Voice Over Rate Card:

NON BROADCAST: Corporate, Industrial, Training Video
0 – 5 minutes: $250 USD
5 – 10 minutes: $300 USD
10 – 20 minutes: $400 USD
20 or more: Request a quote

NON BROADCAST: Explainer Video / Web / Online
:00 – :60 – $200 USD
:60 – 2:00 – $250 USD
2:00 – 5:00 – $300 USD
5:00 or more: Request a quote

NON BROADCAST: eLearning, Education Modules
$0.25 per word.
Minimum Rate: $250 USD
For long form projects, 10,000 words plus, a per finished hour rate will be quoted.

NON BROADCAST: Telephone, IVR, On Hold
0 – 200 words: $100 USD
200 – 400 words: $150 USD
400 – 800 words: $200 USD
800 or more: Request a quote
* Monthly retainer available. Request details
* Music can be added for an extra fee. Request details

NON BROADCAST: Podcast Intros
0 – 100 words: $75 USD
100 – 200 words: $100 USD
* Music can be added for an extra fee. Request details

BROADCAST: Radio (minimum rate per spot)
Local (Small Market): $100 USD
Local (Large Market): $200 USD
Regional: $300 USD
National: $700 USD

BROADCAST: Radio Tags (minimum rate per spot)
Local: $75 USD
Regional: $150 USD
National: $250 USD

BROADCAST: Radio Imaging 
* Monthly retainer available.  Request details

BROADCAST: Television (minimum rate per spot)
Local (Small Market): $250 USD
Local (Large Market): $450 USD
Regional: $700 USD
National: $1400 USD

BROADCAST: Television Tags (minimum rate per spot)
Local: $100 USD
Regional: $200 USD
National: $300 USD

If you need a voice over for a project not listed above, please message me with the details.  Click here to contact me.

If You Have A Budget:

These rates provided above are general rates and provide a guideline as to what your voice over will cost.  I’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and budget and try to work with you to come to a mutually agreeable rate and solution.

Please send me your project details and I will be in touch.  Click here to contact me.

*For a downloadable rate card, please click here.